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June 27, 2015


“Relating to transition;
At a boundary, or threshold;
Just leaving one condition
From the familiar and controlled,
Now poised on uncertain ground;
For the anticipated bound”

Confusion, liberation,
These contrasting emotions,
Apprehension, exhilaration,
Some alarming sensations,
Questions, challenged assumption,
Uncovered presumptions?

A transient phase of transformation,
(For the ‘renewing of the mind’);
Opportunity for reflection,
Ideas of an unfamiliar kind,
But with a clear continuity
To our Faith in perpetuity.


Ultra sound

June 27, 2015

One and a half pints fit to burst
So ensure that you quench that thirst,
But holding all that fluid in
Is a urological sin.
You have to sit there and you pray
You don’t soak the seat with the spray,

Called into a small, darkened room
Welcomed to your future doom,
You lie on your left hand side.
Cold jelly that I cannot abide,
You wonder what they may have found
Inside with secret ultrasound.

It seems they gave a good ‘all clear’,
Vaporising that chilling fear.