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Meditation on Psalm 17 after Hip Surgery

August 19, 2014


You heard my cry.
You listened to my prayers
When I limped down the street,
When my bones ground together,
When patience was wearing away.

You came in the darkness of dreams
Laying on kind hands of love.
You sent your servants
    To cheer and comfort,
    To humbly wash my feet,
    To gently preserve my dignity.

I have known loving kindness and faithfulness,
Many cups of cold water in your name.
My mouth was dry with thirst,
Longing to drink at the fountain of life.

I am learning new disciplines
So that I wonder at your wisdom.

Give thanks to The Lord, for He is good.
Oh that people would praise His name!


A Pain in the Butt

August 19, 2014

I wonder what the surgeon will say…
    “I’m afraid your hip joint’s worn away”
    “There’s no cure for this situation.
     Pain can be helped by this injection”.

The needle shown on the X-ray screen
Was long enough to scratch my spleen!
Understanding the medic’s wordage:
I had bowled away the cartilage.

   “We will put you on the waiting list
   There’s extra pain from a little cyst.
   There’s only twenty four months to wait.
   No need to get in a patient state”.

So a new joint of ceramic and  steel,
Bloody particles did not appeal.
A hip socket with titanium
Viewed with limp enthusiasm.

Six weeks after the operation
A really long recuperation.
A request then, I beg,
Please no ‘pulling my leg’

War Without End..

August 19, 2014

Israel’s plainsong…

We sing these songs
That Israel sang
In the desert long ago:

“The land belongs…
It is ours. I know it’s mine
Through a promise Divine”.
Rockets are falling,
Killing and maiming…
To defend is our right
With all our might,
No peace in sight.

The Beat of the Blockade…

By the sea here in Gaza
There we knelt down and wept.
How can we sing in captivity?

Most are unemployed.
My home is destroyed.
The killing of innocence
Through tunnels of violence;
Paveway guided bombs
Drill into Gaza’s tombs.
It’s rocket retaliation
By the Israeli nation.
‘Hamas is our salvation’.


August 1, 2014

Readers might like to a new book containing 100 of my poems.

There are chapters :

-describing a community project in Dunstable, employing art and poetry in outreach and service to the community. The author discusses what ChrIstIan art might look like.