THE SOUL  ‘Nephesh’ and ‘Psyche’


A personal presence,

Or a Platonic essence ?

Our human totality

Or non-physical entity?

Some say “a non-entity”,

The ‘nothing-buttery’

Of material brain activity:

Chemistry and electricity.

Is it a metaphysical reality,

A Traducian inherited property,

Or a ‘ghost’ in the machinery?

When ‘soul’ is quoted

The context should be noted.

Philosophical presuppositions

Determine usage and conditions.

Is it immortal, separate or individual?

Monists think of the soul

Not as part of us but the whole:

Our bodies, consciousness, thinking,

Volition, deciding, and feeling.

On the whole in the Christian tradition

The soul has a `non-material’ condition.

So when I take my final breath

My soul survives this physical death.


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