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John’s First Letter

December 30, 2010

John’s First Letter


 Your faith is not just wishful thinking.

That which was from the beginning

Which we have seen with our eyes

Is no mythological disguise.

We have touched and seen

The Word of Life who came.

We testify , proclaim and mean

The Eternal Life who was with the Father.

What we have seen we proclaim

So that you may have `fellowship

With us, the Father, and the Son

Jesus Christ. We have begun

To write this to make our joy complete.                    

This is the message of which we’re in receipt

And declare: God is light

(No darkness) blinding bright.

If we claim fellowship with Him

Yet live in darkness and sin

We lie, and are not living by the truth,

Walking in darkness, aloof.

But if we live in the light

In His truth aright

We have fellowship with one another      

And we are purified within

By the blood of Jesus from our sin.



 If we claim to be without sin,

We deceive ourselves within,

And the truth defame.

If we confess our sins

He is faithful and just

And will forgive our sins

And purify us from our lust.

If we make the claim

We have not sinned: that’s dire.

We insult the sacred name,

Make Him out to be a liar,

And His word has no space

In our lives: no place.





My dear Children, as we begin

I write this to you, so you will not sin.

But if anyone does transgress

We have an advocate none-the-less,

Who speaks to the Father in our defence:

Jesus Christ the Righteous One,

Who atones for our offence,

For our sins the propitiation,

And not for ours only

But for the World wholly.

We know we have come

To know Him if we obey

All His commands, not just some.

And by the way,

The man who will say

“I know Him”, but will disobey

Is a liar in a way.

If we claim to ‘know’,

It should clearly show

In Jesus following.

John is not writing

A new commandment

About walking like the One God sent.

Its truth is seen in Him, and you

For all to observe and view.

The darkness is passing

And the True Light is shining.



Anyone who states

He is in the light, but hates

His brother, is still in darkness

Walking around without light

Blinded by the dark: without sight.

I write to you children

Because your sins are forgiven

On account of His Name.

You have known the One who came.

So fathers, I write to you

Because you have ‘overcome’ too.

Children, you have known the Father.

Fathers you have known Him who

Is from the beginning.

Strong young men, you are winning.

The Word of God lives in you,

So you are overcoming the evil one too.


Do not love the World,

Or anything in it:

Sinful man’s craving;

Their eyes lusting;

Their achievements boasting.

These come from ‘the World’,

But not from the Father.

These pass away, but rather

The man who does the will

Of God lives for ever, still.

Dear children, this is the last hour.

Antichrist is coming with its power.

Many have already come: thus.

The last hour we’ve known.

Their going out has shown

They did not belong to us.

But you have an anointing

From the Holy One’s appointing.

I write to you (here’s why)

You know the  truth is no lie.



Who is a liar then?

It is the man, when

He denies Jesus is the Christ.

Such a man is ‘anti-Christ’.

He denies the Father and the Son.

No-one who denies the Son

Has the Father. It is rather

The one who acknowledges the Son.

See that what you have heard

From the beginning is remaining

In you. Remain in the Son and Father.

And this what He promised us,

Even eternal life. I am writing this, thus

About those who are leading you astray

Following a different way.

You have an anointing.

No need for a teacher’s appointing.

It’s not counterfeit.

It’s real, there’s no deceit.

It teaches all things to you.

Remain in Him. Be true.


 And now

Dear children

This is how

To continue in Him.

So when He appears

We may be confident

Not diffident,


Before Him

At His coming.

If you

Know too

That He is


You know


That everyone

That has been born

Of the Son

Does what

Is right

In His sight.


How great is His love

The Father above

Has lavished on us

That we should thus

Be called

Children of God!

The World doesn’t know

Us, because it didn’t know Him.

But we do know, so

When He appears

We shall be like Him,

See Him as He is.

Everyone who has this

Hope purifies himself for sure

Just as He Himself is pure.

Everyone sins who breaks the law.

I want to stress

Sin is lawlessness.

But He appeared to take away

Our sins, the one let me say

Who had no sin, and no one then

Who believes continues to sin.

If we do we’ve neither

Seen or known Him either.

Dear children

Do not be led astray.

He who does what’s right

Is righteous in God’s sight.

Just as He is righteous,

Similarly, it works  for us.



He who does what is sinful

Is of the devil still

Who has been sinning from the beginning.

The reason for the appearance of the Son

Was to destroy the works of the evil one.

N one born of God will continue to sin

Because God’s seed remains in him.

He cannot go on sinning because

He is a child born again.

It is made clearly plain

Who are the children of God, or the Devil:

Doing right, not deeds of evil;

And here is another-

Are we loving our brother?

The message we heard from the beginning.

Don’t be like Cain in his sinning

Causing evil and  murderous stress,

While Abel showed righteousness.

Don’t be surprised if the World hates you.

We know we passed from death to life too

Because we love our brother

Not living in death hating one another.


Anyone who hates his brother

Is a murderer, and another

Truth: no murderer has eternal life.

This is how love is recognised:

Jesus laid down His life, was despised.

So we have an obligation to one another

To lay down our lives for our brother.

If anyone has material possession

And sees his brother’s dispossession,

And has no pity within him,

How can he have God’s love?

Children, let us love by doing

Not just with tongue and talking.

This is how we know we belong

To the truth. Our hearts in essence

Are set at rest in His presence.

Whenever our hearts are condemning

God is greater and knows everything.

Dear friends, if our heart

Does not condemn us in any part,

We have confidence before God receiving

What we ask for believing

Because we please Him and obey

In the things we do and say.


And this is His command:

To believe in His Name

The ‘Son, Jesus Christ’ who came;

And to love one another

As He commands.

Those who obey His demands

Live in Him and He in them.

And this we know

That He lives in us, thus

We know  by the Spirit He gave us.


Dear Friends,

Don’t just believe

Every spirit, but be sure to test

For false prophets deceive.

Do they acknowledge and receive

Jesus and His Incarnation,

His divine person and origin,

Not Antichrist’s presence and sin,

His manifestation.

You, dear children have overcome

Them, because He who  in you is the One

Who is greater than he who ‘pro tem’

Who is in the world system.

They are from the world, and reflective

Of its view-point and perspective.

The world listens to them, but we

Are from God, and know Him you see.

Those who know God listen to us.

Whoever is not from God thus

Does not listen to us.

This is how if we are wise,

We distinguish and recognise

The Spirit of Truth and

Of falsehood on the other hand.


 Dear friends,

Let us love one another for

Love comes from God, and ‘once more’:

Everyone who loves has been born of

And knows God, because God is Love.

This is how God’s love is shown:

He sent His Son to make it known,

That we might live through Him.

This is Love: not that we loved God

But that He loved us and sent

His Son for our sins to make propitiation.

Dear friends,

Since God  so

Loved we ought also to love, you know.

God, no one has seen, but if we

Love one another God lives in us you see

And His love is made complete

In us, because He has given us

Of His Spirit, and we know why

And can clearly testify

That the Father has sent the One

Saviour of the World, His Son.


If anyone

Acknowledges the Son

God lives in him and he

In God, who loves us and we

Can know  and rely,

And this is why:

God is Love. Thus

If we live in love

We can live in God and He in us.

In this way love is made complete,

So that we may be confident

On the Day of Judgement,

Because in this world we are like Him.

In love there is no fear.

Perfect love makes it disappear.

Fear is linked with punishment.

The one who fears is not made perfect

In love. Our love is consequent

On His love for us. We cannot claim

To love God and hate our brother’s name.

Whom we have seen and

Love God unseen on the other hand.

And He has given us another

Command that whoever loves God

Must also love his brother.


Everyone who believes that Jesus

Is the Christ is born of God and thus

Everyone who loves the Father

Loves his child as well. Rather

This is how we know we love too

The children of God by this view:

Carrying out His commands

Which are not burdensome demands.

For everyone born of God overcomes

The World: victory to the ones

Who have faith and believe

In Jesus as the Son and Him receive.

This is the One who came by

Water and blood, not by water only.

It is the Spirit who will testify

Because the Spirit is the truth.

For there are three that bear witness.

The Spirit, the water and blood, I stress

And these three are in agreement.


We accept the testimony of man,

But God’s testimony has a greater span

Given about His Son that anyone

Who believes in God’s only Son

Has this testimony in his heart.

Anyone who does not believe has no part,

Making Him out to be a liar,

Because he has not believed either.

This is the testimony: God gives

Us Eternal Life and this life lives

In His Son. Those who have it, we,

Who have the Son have life and he

Who does not have the Son

Of God, does not have life, not one.

I write these things to you

Who believe in the name of God’s Son too

So that you may know you possess

Eternal Life. This confidence, I stress

That we have when approaching

God: that if we ask anything

According to His will

He hears us this century still.

Whatever we ask today

We know we have what we ask and say.



If any one sees his brother commit

A sin that does not fit

‘Sin leading to death’, he should pray

That God will restore him anyway

And give him life and breath.

There is a sin that leads to death.

I do not say that for that you should pray.

All wrong doing is sin in some way.

We know that anyone born

Of God does not continue in any form

To sin. The One born of God keeps him safe

And the Evil One cannot harm or strafe.

We know we are children of God, and

The whole World is in the Evil One’s hand.

We know that the Son who is true

Has come and given us a view

And understanding that we may know

Him, and be in Him even so

In His Son Jesus Christ.

He is the true God and life eternal.

Dear Children,

Keep yourselves from idols.



December 29, 2010

THE SOUL  ‘Nephesh’ and ‘Psyche’


A personal presence,

Or a Platonic essence ?

Our human totality

Or non-physical entity?

Some say “a non-entity”,

The ‘nothing-buttery’

Of material brain activity:

Chemistry and electricity.

Is it a metaphysical reality,

A Traducian inherited property,

Or a ‘ghost’ in the machinery?

When ‘soul’ is quoted

The context should be noted.

Philosophical presuppositions

Determine usage and conditions.

Is it immortal, separate or individual?

Monists think of the soul

Not as part of us but the whole:

Our bodies, consciousness, thinking,

Volition, deciding, and feeling.

On the whole in the Christian tradition

The soul has a `non-material’ condition.

So when I take my final breath

My soul survives this physical death.

Making Light of Winter

December 29, 2010

Making ‘Light’ of Winter

After Autumn takes its feast

Of russets, and copper

Leaves fall, Winter proper

Blows in from North and East.

Hoar frost sparkling bright

Dresses conifers and sedge,

Hips and haws festoon the hedge,

And snow settles silent white.

Advent brings the Light to darkness,

Count-down Christmas preparation,

To celebrate  the Incarnation,

When love melts our icy hardness.

So we welcome this New Year

Expectation overcoming fear.