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Religion has no basis in fact

May 2, 2010

The Bishop to Judge…..

(Response to John Bingham and to Michael Nazir-Ali, Daily Telegraph April 30th, 2010 about Lord Justice Laws’ judgment on the case of Gary McFarlane)


If the broadsheet articles I found

Are relatively legally sound,

It looks as if faith is erased from public space

To be confined to the private place.

The questionable conclusion of the Judge to these cases

Was that religion can claim no ‘factual’ bases.

Do these positivistic assertions ignore

Facts, or continue a logical flaw?

Christianity has historical evidence

And the transforming power in experience.

Intemperate comments court critique

About the case we make when we speak.

As students are taught to show

When to Chambers or Wikipedia they go

That it’s unwise to claim understanding

About “in the eyes of everyone”, not withstanding

I know that I don’t know

What everyone knows.

Is faith ‘necessarily’ subjective?

Is it not ‘communicable’ and partly objective?

What of ‘divisive’, ‘capricious’, or ‘arbitrary’

In a post-modern democracy

Claiming protections for freedom, and the link

Between Christian tradition and the way we think?

With British values and virtues and ‘roots’

Secateuring the nation’s spiritual shoots

Removes a moral and social tradition.

Grafting in a secular solution.

The Christian stock should flourish into a just society

From a ground of rights and liberty

That grows into inalienable dignity

Equality, and hospitality