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Brokenness of Britain

March 6, 2010

On Reading Michael Nazir-Ali’s letter to The Daily Telegraph 5th March 2010

Cameron’s ‘Brokenness of Britain’

Is debated by the politician.

The ‘Reservoir’ is running dry.

The Press is pausing to ask  ‘Why?’

Refreshing streams have been polluted,

Causes questioned and disputed.

With all our secular social analysis

Political and economic crisis

Do we need to ‘unblock those streams’

Revive our spiritual and moral dreams?

As Michael Nazir-Ali wrote

“The moral code”, that the columnists’ quote

Showed people honesty and truthfulness

Love of neighbour and faithfulness.

Christ implanted in our mind.

Ideas of service, a sacrificial kind.

This reservoir needs refilling

Not abandoning or rejecting.

‘The way to personal flourishing

Is not by fiscal or social tinkering.”


The Trinity

March 3, 2010

To understand the Trinity

The mysteries of Divinity?

Athanasius saw the need

To exclude errors with his Creed.

It was impossible to define

Christ’s natures ‘human’ and ‘Divine’!

But ‘hypostaseis’ rules Arians out of court

‘Homoousios’ was  what Nicaea had taught.

We can faintly grasp the  roles and  relationship:

Father, Son, and Spirit in perfect fellowship.

Mystery too complex for theologians’ sagacity

Far beyond mere human capacity!

“Three persons in one Divine Essence”.

Stand in awe and worship in His presence!

Religious Experience

March 1, 2010

A verse for RE teacher-trainees.

Religious Experience

 Have you ever felt the need to pray,

Or been conscious of God in some other way?

Have you sensed the ‘holiness’ in a sacred place,

Been ‘overwhelmed’ when meditating in your ‘inner’ space?

Perhaps you felt an awe or wonder on a mountain side,

Or exultation on a beach by waves and tide?

Some speak of an encounter: loving rapture,

Brilliant light beyond that which words can capture.

Others of guilt, feeling they’ve offended God, of sin,

Repenting, and feeling floods of forgiveness deep within.

Obsessed with material things, present pleasure

Perhaps we need to pause and reflect at leisure?

“Do: Done”, Just Walk Across The Room; Hybels

March 1, 2010


It’s not what I do.

It’s already been done,

Salvation cannot be won.

It’s grace through and through!

I cannot earn favour

Through my direct labour.

Jesus has paid the cost

For our transgressions when lost.

He died for our sin

Our salvation to win.

The Bridge: Just Walk Across The Room

March 1, 2010


There’s a gulf, yawning gap!

All my reasoning takes me

To a designer, a Deity,

But I still need a sat-nav, a map

To find God, the truth in my searching.

I have need to know The Way clearly.

So many paths are confusing.

We take  wrong tracks though sincerely.

I ‘fall short’ of the mark, ‘transgress’,

My ‘iniquity’ makes me digress.

But Christ bridges this gulf, takes me across,

By faith in His life and death on the Cross.