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River Out of Eden

February 23, 2010

River Out of Eden

Are we ‘nothing but’ survival machines

Robot vehicles blindly programmed

To preserve the selfish molecules known as genes?

Do we animals exist for their preservation?

Richard Dawkins speaks without reservation:

“We are nothing more than throw away

Survival machines. The world of the gene let me say

Is one of savage competition

Deceit and ruthless exploitation”.

Does this inexorably lead humanity to fall

Into the devil’s doctrine, ‘the weakest should go to the wall?

A polluted stream with the misdeeds of atheism

Rather than the so-called ‘memes’ of theism.

It’s only one step into the swirling current of materialism

To the murky water of Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalinism.

Thank God for Nietzsche’s ‘one great curse…intrinsic depravity’

Christ’s example and teaching, and its universality!


The Preacher

February 22, 2010

It  wasn’t his height

Nor the breadth, or  depth

Nor his ’eminence’,

But the relevance

Of Antioch’s Way

For the Church Today!

Snowdrops, Moggerhanger Park, Bedfordshire.

February 16, 2010

“On the Moggerhanger walk to our delight

We found drifts of snowdrops dazzling white.

We wandered along snowy paths through winter trees

The frost lingering on fallen Autumn leaves.

The sky overhead was a deep cobalt blue

And nearer the tree’d horizon, a cerulean hue.

The air was crisp, filled with Valentine song,

Catkins were irradiated by sunlight low and long

Illuminating Thornton’s garden neglected and decayed

Greenhouses derelict, by time enslaved.

What vibrant life, the snowdrops like the Clapham sect of old

Emerging from the darkness and enduring in the cold! “


February 16, 2010


“Festivals: colourful customs, special food,

Stories with meaning, varying mood.

Shrove Tuesday: pancakes the day before Lent,

Ash Wednesday’s solemnity, time to repent;

Palm Sunday crosses, ‘hosanna’ cries,

Before Good Friday when Jesus dies.

Maundy Thursday gets forgotten unlike the Queen

When service by the Sovereign is often seen.

 And so to Easter’s resurrection morning

When the truth of all this is gradually dawning.

Jesus has triumphed over the sting of the grave,

Forgiveness is ours through His power to save.”

Easter Poems

February 7, 2010

My hope and prayer is that these poems may be a blessing to readers.



PALM SUNDAY  29th March 09

“What are you men doing?

That’s my ass you’re loosing!”.

“The Lord has need of it.”,

(So need for deposit!).

They’d been told to say .

Then they led him away.

The ass carried our LORD

As the prophet foretold.

The palm branches were waved

Large crowds cried to be saved:

‘Hosanna to the one,

King David’s greater son’.

But crowds soon change their ways

Like Judas who betrays,

Like Peter’s denial

During our Lord’s trial.

Crowds calling ‘Crucify’,

They condemned him to die .

The  Garden…….

‘Could you not watch one hour?’

‘We’re tired Lord, and lack the power

To both watch and to pray

At this end of the day’.

‘Father, if it be possible

Let this cup of suffering unbearable

Pass from me. Nevertheless

Your will be done: I’ll bear the stress’.

‘Lord though all others deny

I’ll not desert when asked ‘Why?’.

I’ll draw my sword

Protect you my Lord’.

The crowd came with clubs and silver to pay

Judas, who with a kiss was to betray.

Then they all deserted and fled.

‘I don’t know the man’, Peter said.

The cock crew while the world slept.

Jesus looked. Peter went out and wept.

Darkness dawned, men mocked, the trials began.

But in abandonment was a redeeming plan.

Easter Sunday

St. George


12th April 2009

The sadness and weeping,

Hopes dashed, faith fleeting:

We thought he would redeem Israel

But He lay still and pale.

The women went to anoint our Messiah

‘He’s gone’ they said, so we ran to enquire

Whether they were mistaken

Or the body had been taken.

We found the tomb was empty

Found the wrappings but no reality.

The angelic being said, “He’s not here

He has risen like He said, do not fear”.

Mary weeping with love and grief

Spoke to the Gardener she thought a thief.

“Have they taken Him, where does He lie?”

“Mary”, said Jesus. ‘Master’ was her reply.

Some thought these stories a wishful tale

Just female testimony or too much ale?

But He appeared to us behind a locked door,

Gave us His ‘peace’ and commissioned us for

Offering forgiveness. But Thomas  doubted

Until Jesus came again, ‘My Lord and God’ he shouted.

Jesus walked with two of our friends. It was in the Bread

They recognised Him as they took in what He said.

Peter went fishing, then met Jesus at a barbecue

Was re-commissioned with new service in view.

For several days He made plain

What the Old Testament scriptures explain.

“He was wounded for our transgression”

“His sacrifice has made propitiation”.

He led us to a mountain  with amazing views

“Go preach”, He said, “Tell the Good News”.

“Make disciples from all nations

“And I will be with you for all generations”.

Easter Sunday,

St. George Switzerland

April 11th, 2009

No not re-incarnation, not mere resuscitation

Remarkable though that would be;

Not ‘living-on’ in future generations for all to see,

But a real physical resurrection.

Recognisable, but a glorious change;

Not subject to death and decay

Or mortal limitations in any way,

With marks of this life but new and strange.

Resurrection: but is it believable?

Is it irrational? What’s the evidence

Of probability on balance?

Yes, beyond reasonable doubt, so acceptable!

Many ‘convincing proofs, ‘alive’ :

‘Tekmerion’, Greek ‘proof beyond doubt’,

An abundance of eye witnesses were about,

Evidence too convincing to contrive!

Living Life in 3D

February 6, 2010

Living Life in 3D


Live life in 3D

Develop friendship

Interacting is the key

With folk outside the Fellowship

In the web of contacts as we walk

Around the Town or down to school;

People at work with whom we talk;

Our opportunities: we have a pool.

Discover  their story

Patiently listening, (attending, absorbing)

To their history,

Their interests, family, fears,

Not avoiding as if ‘they have germs’!

Enfold your neighbours, colleagues, peers.

Establish contacts on first name terms.

Then you share that favourite text

With the Spirit’s direction

As you discern what comes next,

Sharing your faith with more conviction.

Walk Across The Room: Your Story

February 6, 2010

So, What’s Your Story? Meditation on Bill Hybel’s Book

OK, so what’s your story?

No, not your life history,

Nor what we’re ’supposed to say’,

But the real-life difference

In a straightforward way

That God makes to our existence.

Tell ‘how you’ve changed’,

What you’ve exchanged.

Express what Jesus has done.

We can drone on, incoherently,

With jargon, or superiority.

Explain ‘The Bridge’. Tell God’s Story,

What Jesus has done,

The Way He has won.

If you’re an ‘avoider’, take heart.

If an ‘erupter’, a more temperate part.

We need to bridge the chasm

To people and ask a question.

Practice patience and be aware

Of false trails people prepare.

We have Christ’s hope to give,

Real ‘food’ by which to live.

As followers of our Lord

Be ready to share the life-giving Word.