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Earthquake in Haiti, Radio 4 Today Programme, Suffering

January 17, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

On listening to BBC Radio 4 Today programme

A shaking

And quaking

Buildings crumbling

And falling.

Chaos appalling.

Children dying

Crushed mothers calling;

Families destroying.

John Humphreys said, “Why?”

(A bishop tried to reply).

“If God is all powerful

Loving and merciful,

Why didn’t He stop or prevent,

Rescue or circumvent

The terror of the quake

For Haitians’ sake?”

We can blame the builders,

Politicians, town planners,

The West for insufficient aid,

Corruption, or warnings delayed.

But the Today programme’s question

The implicit suggestion

And the Bishop’s rambling reply

Still raises the issue, ‘But why?’.

There’s a puzzling mystery:

Imperfection and entropy,

Suffering, decay, seismic disruption

Are all part of our present condition.

The whole of Creation

Cries out for redemption:

A New Heavens and Earth

The universal rebirth.