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Walk Across The Room

December 30, 2009

Several people have been kind enough to comment on this reflection about Bill Hybel’s ideas:

“Walk Across The Room Too” 

Now don’t stand there

Dithering, or ignoring or talking

To family or friends unaware

Of strangers, or those visiting.

‘Walk across the room’, say ‘Hello’

To people you may not know.

For them it would be nice

If you boldly break the ice.

Give the warmth of your smile.

Share your ‘story’ or just a little conversation.

Who knows, it could be a link in their salvation.

Push yourself, go that second mile.

And for those folks in the street

Workmates we see or maybe meet

‘Walk across the room’, pray, and find a way

To share God’s love with some one today……..


A Christmas Meditation

December 29, 2009

Mary treasured up all these things
And pondered them in her heart.
The Shepherds returned from their part
Praising God for these happenings.
For Mary and Joseph there was adjustment,
Recovery, new routines, and the feedings,
Life revolving around a baby’s contentment.
Then the Circumcision: a family event,
The Covenant’s mark, sign and signal.
Later the Purification post-natal ritual,
Presentation of the Firstborn: Israel’s lore.
Mary and Joseph travelling to fulfil the Law,
Consecrating the Child to His Father and Lord,
The baby’s redemption according to God’s Word.
Consolation for Anna, and Simeon that saintly man,
A Light to the Gentiles: a revelation,
His eyes had seen God’s Salvation.
A Child destined to fulfil God’s plan.
For Mary the joy of the Child strongly growing
Seeing Him filled with wisdom and grace,
But the sword of suffering would have a place.
The angelic appearings had been reassuring.

Hope for 2010

December 28, 2009

Enjoy reading these poems on “Hope”…….. 


(on reading ‘Beyond Homelessness, (1) and ‘Hope in Troubled Times’(2). 


Is there just ‘cold, blind indifference’ 

To  our questions and striving 

For meaning and coherence, 

Any answers, mere contriving? 

Hope is the confident  expectation 

Of a future good in imagination, 

Looking for the real possibility, 

Longing for the coming reality. 

Imagination, faith and desire 

Combined in a vision to inspire. 

In research  even if there is some distortion, 

Efforts misdirected , want of proportion, 

And some actions remain  unimplemented 

Focus changes before  plans are cemented, 

Hope drives us on to endeavour again 

Not to submit to despair, “It’s all in vain”. 

I am required to ‘love justice, do mercy’, 

Renew my mind, called to work righteously, 

Improve my service, do good to all 

Reverse the corroding effects of the Fall, 

Strive for His will to be done on Earth 

Now and in the future World’s rebirth. 


1. Beyond Homelessness, Christian Faith in a Culture of Displacement. 

Bouma-Prediger S, Walsh .J. 2008.  Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eerdmans 

2. Hope in Troubled Times. Goodzward B., Vander Vennen M., Van Heemst D, 2007. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Baker Academic 


Not a ‘fond hope’, something just desired. 

Not a ‘hope against hope’, unlikely acquired, 

But a ‘living hope’ based on our Lord 

His death and resurrection, trustworthy word. 

Hope, not just a vague wish. 

Hope, not  a ‘forlorn’ uncertain ‘ifish’, 

But steadfast and sure 

An anchor for the soul, secure. 

A hope of Heaven, of Paradise: 

Peace, no pain, fears, or vice. 

Then a New Heavens and Earth 

The Universe restored : new birth. 

We’ll meet our Lord, faith becoming sight 

Joining our loved ones to our delight; 

Unimagined possibility 

For service through eternity

Argyle Chapel: memories

December 27, 2009

We have vivid and fond memories of Argyle Chapel Reading.

I’ve tried to capture them below:

Argyle Memories

The warmth we felt,

The welcome and acceptance.

Yes, more than thirty years have passed

But these impressions time outlast:

Invitations to lunch, real hospitality

The West’s loaning us a flat, what generosity!

Mr Chandlers’ beaming smile,

MG’s  garaged for a while,

Are they still awaiting consecration?

Help with old Cortinas’ restoration.

Western Elms theology and  trifle tipple!

Do have some more, just a little..

‘Hymns of Light and Love’ a soundness sign,

Covert coughs from communion wine…

Ken’s graciousness and learning

Our attention and admiration earning….

Some Sunday sermons  rambling,

Opportunities for serving….

Open airs down by the River

Covenanter quizzes to deliver.

Support and friends and fellowship

Christ’s love expressed in membership.

We learned so much in our marriage early days

From older friends about  family life and God’s ways